Translator’s Afterword


Well, I did it.

Originally I started this project thinking I’d use it to improve my Japanese, but quickly found out that I learned more English than I did Japanese translating. It was a lot more work than I thought to achieve a translation that I’d be satisfied with as well, and I was tempted to abandon the project halfway through as I found out it didn’t align with my original goal. However, through sheer stubbornness of not wanting to become yet another translator who starts a project and abandons it within two chapters, I have, as of now, finished translating the novel fully.

I will not be translating the rest of the series, however. If you guys would like to read the rest, I would suggest that you lobby TehPing, the translator of the Hikaru ga… series at IIRC, he was looking for some project suggestions recently as well.

It might be a disappointing read even if it gets translated though, as the series was cut short due to bad sales. I’d imagine that originally, it was slated to be at least 8 volumes but ended up being complete at 4. The interesting thing for me is that as I translated, I think I got insight as to why the sales were bad. Most of you who commented have hated Katerina, the main heroine, since the start. Personally, I like her. I could tell from miles away that she would melt eventually so her coldness didn’t bother me much. I think her actions make sense given her characterization. Some of you suggested that she should have confessed the truth to Ludwik much earlier, but that doesn’t sound like a reliable plan at all. Even after she finds out Ludwik’s a nice guy, you can’t just assume that things will go well if she confesses the truth, and if they don’t, it’s much harder (impossible) to fall back on her original plan at that point. It’s honestly not a bad plan that she had too, to try to get Ludwik to divorce her by being deathly cold. Might have worked too if she didn’t get caught coming back to the castle. Lol, imagine her saying that she’ll marry Ludwik as Florin but only if he divorces his current queen. Would probably work. Of course, the real problem here isn’t that she was caught but that she’s already fallen in love with him… The one thing that was perhaps a bit incongruent is her throwing Kiki at Ludy though, considering she should have already known by then that he isn’t the kind of person who would molest his sister. Well, then again, right before that, he did lose himself from just one cup of the aphrodisiac, trying to kiss her (and more) while ignoring her objections, so I suppose it’s understandable… In any case, if anyone of you out there actually likes her, raise your voice now or forever hold your peace…

Lastly, if you enjoyed the novel, buy it to support the author and illustrator. If you want to do something in return for me for my hard work, rate the novel and leave a review at novelupdates.

4/20/17    HIGH ENERGY Translations


Suggestion to Readers


If you use google chrome, I highly recommend you install Google Dictionary as an extension. It lets you view definitions of words as a small popup by double-clicking or highlighting the text without having to switch browser tabs. It works for multi-word and even phrasal expressions as well, such as “pray tell.” If that isn’t good enough, you can click on “more…” in the popup and it’ll open a new tab and search the highlighted text in google. (Most browsers also have this function under the right click menu.) There should be similar extensions in other browsers, so find them if you don’t use chrome.